Liquid Syrup Manufacturing plant



Cosmetic: face cream, hand cream, sunscreen cream, eyelash to cream, hair gel, lotion, bath shampoo,hair gel, nail polish, hair conditioner etc. Pharmaceutical industry: ointments, syrup, nutrition, bio-products, paste of pharmaceutical etc. Daily use industry: toothpaste, detergents, shoes polish, soap, fragrance etc. Food industry: sauces, jam, chocolate, butter, vegetable proteins, animal proteins etc. Chemical industry: Painting, pigment, dyes, paints, adhesives detergents etc.

Put the materials into premix tank oil phase tank and water phase tank,after heated & mixed in water tank and oil tank, it can drawn the materials into emulsifying tank by vacuum pump. Adopting the middle stirrer & Teflon scrapers residues in emulsifying tank that sweep the residues on the wall of the tank to makes the materials wiped off become the new interface constantly. Then the materials will cut off, compressed and fold by the blades to stir, mix and run to the homogenizer. By the strong cutting off, impact and turbulent current from the high-speed shear wheel and fixed cutting case, the materials are cut off in interstices of stator and rotor and turn to particles of 6nm-2um promptly. Because the emulsifying tank is working under the vacuum state, the bubbles that produces in the process of mixing is taken away in time.

Liquid Line:- Pharmaceutical Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant in India Available in various batch capacities from 500 to 10,000 liters. it is provided with sparkler / housing filter and sparkler filters for final filtrationstainless steel cosmetic vacuum emulsifying mixer,pharmacy mixer,shampoo mixer and homoginizer Price Body Lotion Making Machine Shoe Polish Mixing Machines Certification Herbal Shampoo Fill Machine vacuum emulsifying mixer machine for cream,emulsifier mixer .

Inline homogenizer

  • Final product storage vessel
  • Sanitary Inter-connecting piping
  • CIP facility for all vessels
  • Central control panel
  • Integrated working platform for easy access

The individual vessels insures proper controls for the sugar syrup preparation, transfer of exact amount of active ingredients and control on the time and temperatures for the processes as per the SOPs for the products.

Also the system ensures adaptability for various types of formulations, suspensions and products, thus makes it suitable for future scalability of products, as also additions of products in varied formulations


  • The plant is designed as per the CGMP and FDA guidelines.
  • Completely closed system as per GMP requirements.
  • Process control for individual items at each level of production.
  • Integrated system makes it easy to operate and clean.
  • All vessels are constructed out of S.S. 316 L quality as conforms to the GMP guidelines.
  • The primary syrup and main manufacturing vessels are provided with jacket for heating/cooling operations. The jackets are provided with mineral wool insulation for preventing heat loss.
  • All three vessels are provided with bottom entry stirrer with mechanical seals.
  • The stirrers are provided with variable frequency drives (vfd) for speed control as per SOP.
  • Internal removable baffles are provided in the vessels for gentle vortex-free agitation.
  • INLINE emulsifier provided for the main preparation vessel for suspension preparation and emulsification of the products.
  • The mechanical seals are provided with “water flow switches” for seal protection
  • The gaskets are food grade silicon, conforming to GMP guidelines.
  • Inbuilt temperature controller for the primary and the main manufacturing vessel for product temperature control.
  • Separate filtration system for the primary syrup and final product ensures two stage filtration.
  • All interconnecting piping is of S.S. 316 quality, and provided with sanitary tri-clover fittings for complete dismantling for cleaning and passivation on product changeover.
  • All valves are tri-clover type ball valves in S.S. 316 quality
  • The pipeline is provided with suitable points for product sampling and inline cleaning.
  • All vessels are provided with “spray ball” for CIP and SIP.
  • Central control panel for controlling all the processes of the plant.
  • A Stainless steel working platform is provided for the length of the plant for easy access to all the vessels and visual control of the entire process.

Optional Features

  • Vacuum loading system for the primary sugar preparation vessel.
  • Load cells with control unit for the primary syrup and main manufacturing vessel.
  • Lobe pump for transfer of final product to the filling room.
  • Top entry stirrer with mechanical seal.
  • PLC based panel with touch screen MMI and menu options for the panel.
  • Magnetic / Ultrasonic level indicator for all vessels.
  • Additional jacketed vessel with homogenizer for preparation of additives, actives as per requirement.
  • Diaphragm Valves for all the vessels.

The machine is designed as per GMP standards and consists of Stainless Steel frame structure with Stainless Steel contact parts.

Integrated with the filler, under the hopper is the vacuum system that provides a dust free passage of stocks to the containers. The system also gives efficient and smooth running of the disc when uncoated tablets are counted.

Salient Features

  • With advanced vibration and multi-channel feeder
  • Computer control with active image counting
  • Transfer the bottle automatically with slat type conveyor
  • Performs system test automatically
  • Automatically Stop System
  • Easy to setting change parts for different size bottles
  • Counter differences with less than 0.1%
  • Full-set protective device keep operation fixed and reliable
  • Intellectual touch screen control system which is easy to control
  • Stable operation with lower noise.
  • Easy to dismantle with a minimum amount of parts for clean up