Oral Liquid Syrup Plant Manufacturers & Exporters



Oral liquid manufacturing plant comprises of sugar syrup vessel, online sugar syrup pre-filter, manufacturing vessel storage vessel, vacuum system for transfer of sugar and sugar syrup, product piping, control panels and transfer pumps. The construction of the complete system is done in a way that allows for plant to be easily handled by single operator, thus saving on man- power costs. Further, the system also comes with limpet coils for desired heating and cooling support.


  • Sugar syrup vesselOffering no vibrations of shaft
  • Online sugar syrup prefilter
  • There is no coupling in drive assembly that provides for lower maintenance costsanufacturing vessel storage vessel
  • Stainless steel 316 construction based pipes, pipe fittings
  • Pipes and fittings coming in seamless, internally electro polished finish as per DIN standard silicon gaskets and unions
  • Can be made available in capacities from 500 lts to 1500 lts



Unique features of oral liquid manufacturing plant are :

  • The oral liquid manufacturing plant is designed to be operated by one operator and one helper, saving on precious man- power cost.
  • Sugar syrup and manufacturing vessels are provided with limpet coils for heating and cooling, designed for internal vacuum to facilitate transfer of sugar directly from stores to sugar syrup vessel.
  • Sugar syrup is transferred to manufacturing vessel through online sugar syrup prefilter by vacuum.
  • Entry of all propeller agitations are from bottom through a specially designed mechanical seal face
  • The advantage of the bottom propeller agitator over the convectional agitators there are no vibrations of shaft, no coupling in the drive assembly, leading to lower maintenance cost.
  • Pipes, pipe fittings and various are of SS 316, seamless, internally electropolsihed with DIN standard unions and silicon gaskets. Capacity 100 Liter to 30,000 Liter


  • Pharma Orals dose
  • Liquids syrup
  • Suspensions syrup
  • Cough Syrups
  • Drop Solutions
  • Expectorants liquid
  • Antacid Suspensions liquid